Username and login issue

Please allow us to change the username in settings. I do not want my email to become my username. At the very least let us have a different display name and hide our username (only to be used as login).

Tying to create an account/login without the google login would just create an error message when it directs you to the forum. Accessed via an iPhone with Google or Edge browsers.

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Go to your user profile, and click on preferences. There you’ll find “name” and you can change that from your email to whatever you want (mine is NCC-1701-D). I signed up through Google too, and the same thing happened to me.


I did just this, but I still see my other alias here. It did not change it to my Name Alias.

Guess your only option so is to request your account to be deleted, and start over. :-/

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Hey @susanlindecrantz sorry for that…
we 've tweaked the config so right now you should find a pencil icon right besides your the Username field.

it used to be available only during the first 3 days of your stay here, but now we 've extended that by far.

Sorry for that,

and thanks all for supporting and helping out!