Thank You to the Devs

This is nothing less than a general thank you to the Devs of this game. Yes it maybe a little early to do this but I have to say why I feel that I must bring this up.

Like many who were born in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s and during that time became fans of this terrific franchise have hailed this as a Golden era of trek which gave us several amazing shows and movies.

After the end of Voyager and Nemesis im sure I was not the only fan who yearned for more that was set in the late 24th century.

Months before the announcement me and a friend talked about a hypothetical Star Trek game. What type of game would suit Trek best. I said its a pity that we no longer have Tell-tale to give us a Trek game based after nemesis as I thought this would be the pefect marriage for this franchise and then these beautiful exploitive deleted came along and said “Hold my romulan ale” and are bringing out my dream game.

From myself and im sure many others.

Thank you!


Hell yes. It’s a great fit for old trek that had a focus on moral dilemmas. Can’t wait!
Plenty of time to bake a nice cellular peptide cake (with mint frosting) & a glass of prune juice to celebrate release day.


Hear hear! As I said in another thread, but wanting something like this for years. The narrative always seemed such a shoe-in for such a narrative driven genre of games (I think Doctor Who could work REALLY well too if anyone from Dramatic Labs is listening!). In a weird way, having it not be a Telltale game means we get to see it through the Unreal Engine, and not the aging old Telltale one. Fingers crossed this will be worth the long wait, and that it could be the first of many!


I would also like to add my thanks for the devs, who have clearly created this game with a lot of love.

And a special thankyou for supporting PS4 and not just PS5. As someone who is pretrty much always a generation behind the latest console, thanks you from the bottom of my heart.

As a lover of both Star Trek and adventure games, this is a dream come true. I have such fond memories of playing 25th Anniversary, Judgment Rites, TNG A Final Unity, and DS9 Harbinger. To have a tell-tale style modern adventure game set at the end of the TNG movie era is perfect. Can’t wait to see those black and gray uniforms again.


beyond proud of the group that made this… where shall we go… what shall we do??? the choice will be ours captains :smiley: lets make it a good one!!!



Yeah, count me in the group that would take a dozen of these games, technical warts and all, over other projects that emphasize physical conflict over the war of ideas. I loved playing this, and am already in my second playthrough exploring other paths.