Stuck In Tricorder On PC

I’m currently playing the mission “what Lies Beneath.”

After a minute or two of scanning for DNA I get stuck in tricorder or out of the tricorder. If I’m stuck in the tricorder I can’t scan.

Is there any way to fix this. I can’t get through this section.

Hello. This is an unfortunate rare bug. We have a fix in the upcoming patch.

For now, you should be able to avoid that bug by avoiding toggling the tricorder if Jara is speaking-- for instance, if you have clicked on an interaction pip.

Also, be sure to check if you have the right-click “Complete Scan” lit up. This is the first episode that happens, during the DNA collection phase. Each main item will have several component items you need to scan, and once all are scanned, you have to right-click to end the phase. It’s easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it.

Also, which might or might not be related, during the mission where you need to scan for DNA, once all samples are collected the tooltip text still shows “Press 2 to close the tricorder” even though it should be “Press RMB to finish scanning”, because at that point “2” does nothing.

I have seen that happen in several other occasions as well, but I don’t remember each particular one.

I got that too, I reloaded the game several times and then only activated the tricorder after entering the building, my observation was that activating the tricorder and then moving into the building with the tricorder activated caused this, I have started a second playthrough and will try to reproduce this.