[Spoilers] Resolute in Battle

Just some feedback during the battle on the Resolute against the crystalised ship,

  1. The captain calls for phasers and photons, but the ship just awkwardly fires two… red pulses?

  2. For a ship taking so much damage, the internal shots aren’t reflecting this. Both visually and audibly. The music, ambient/background sounds and visual effects aren’t appropriate for whats happening, if anything it just seems like a “Meh” tense moment? And the lack of sparks, flickering lights and consoles, fires and smoke just makes the crews remarks of how badly the ships damaged come across as them being a bit dramatic and hyperbolic.

  3. The captain doing a very infomercial “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”… he just bumps off his chair and falls half a foot, both not far or fast enough to get knocked out. So the scene came across as super awkward and weird.

Coupled with the already kinda janky/awkward animations (both face and body), this what should of been a tense and heated battle scene just felt very awkward and weird. To the point it didn’t feel very cinematic.

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