Resurgence is out in exactly one week!

It’s been a pretty wild month, especially on social media!! With one week to go, how about a vibe check?

What are you folks most excited to see in Star Trek: Resurgence? The new characters? Returning favorites? The interior of the Resolute?

Sound off with what you’re the most curious about in this take on Trek!


Just a really good, pure Star Trek experience, and this Telltale-style of game (I’m not sure what else to call it) is a perfect medium for interactive Star Trek stories and adventures! :vulcan_salute:t3:


I’m really excited about seeing the returning characters like Riker. I also saw the brig post today and the ship just looked really good, so I’m excited for that too!

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Well, apart from just any new Star Trek game/story I can actually take part in…

I’ve only played one Telltale game (Batman), but love the Life Is Strange games, and I’m really looking forward to making decisions as a starfleet officer and seeing how they affect interstellar politics.

I also love how it’s a new crew. I’m gonna be That Guy here, but I never really got into Star Trek: Picard, and as much as I love Captain Seven of Nine of the USS Enterprise, I’d much rather have Trek that boldly goes where no Trek has gone before. (With the occasional crossover cameo though, that’s cool :laughing:)


i wanna fiddle whith the warp core and do engneering stuff :smiley: AHHH I CANT WATE!!! the day before is gonna be pure hell for me to wate LUL


Honestly, just standing around the ship listening to the ambience. I used to do it a lot on STO, just take in the soundscape while working away on emails or whatever. I find it weirdly soothing. I’m playing the Prodigy game at this very second, and have the Protostar bridge ambience humming away! Would make a great ASMR for insomniacs, Starfleet ambience would!