Requests/Bugs In Game

Game looks promising, but I can’t get 5 minutes into it without a crash.

Requests for the devs

  1. Give us a quick save, quick load option. Or, if you want to maintain the “choices matter” theme, you have to do something to allow us to drop in the game more often. I’ve started it 4 times because it keeps crashing and I’m getting sick of sitting through the intro and making all the same choices again and again and again.

  2. Give us the option to remap controls (accessing the menu through space bar rather than escape key?!?)

  3. Give us option to adjust sensitivities with mouse movement.

  4. More of a nice to have, but I was hoping to see an option at the game start window to see specs on the U.S.S. Resolute - pictures, information, history, etc…

Again, this game looks so good. I just want it to work. Thanks in advance.


See this post on where to submit bug reports.

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