Release time (Specific or Global)?

Will the game get released at a specific time, for example 3 PM for each time zone, or will it just release at 12:01 AM PST on the 23rd globally?

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I would assume midnight wherever you are myself, that’s what I’m planning on doing on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Only time I preordered a game on the PS Store, it was released at the stroke of midnight, so I don’t see why it’d be any different now.


Ok makes sense, I shouldn’t worry too much either (I live in MST), I’m so excited!


Irish Summer Time here, but I’ll just buy it at midnight (fingers crossed!) and let it download through the night.

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Well that’s all been thrown out the window. Release time (officially) is 8AM PDT

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Gah. I was turning on the PS5 the second midnight hit and had a sad. :pensive:

That’s 17:00h over here… I have to wait thát long…? and then I have to download it and I’ll only have a few hours left to finish the game before it’s May 24th…

No, I’ll survive waiting a few more hours :slight_smile:

Yeah, I planned to buy it at midnight and let it happily download over the night in standby mode. Given the 5 pm release time, I’ll probably set things back 24 hours and let ot download tomorrow night.

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Yeah, that was my plan as well.

I’ve got the PlayStation app so because I’ve got it wishlisted I should get a notification (and be able to buy it) as soon as it’s available so all I have to do when I get home from work is turn on my console and it should start downloading immediately :laughing:

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Well @vrowdy, just buy it at 1701 hours then :wink:

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So that’s 1:00 AM Wednesday morning for me. I don’t think I’ll be staying up that late (mostly because I have a relative sleeping in my lounge room at the moment so that would be awkward) but I know what I’m doing first thing tomorrow morning!

I was hoping for a midnight release. But in the end, I will be an hour into my 7-hour work shift. So at 3 PM MST time soon as I get off work I will buy and download it and play it after my Tuesday night search and rescue training/meeting.

That means we hav eanother coupl eo fhours tha tmake s sens ewhy I can’t buy or access i tyet. Igenerally like to start my downloads a tthe start of the day rather than part wa ythrough them. Seeing as it is only 16GB though it probably won’t take too long

Yeah we got about an hour and 20 if everything goes to plan

25% done on my download

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Only the second time I’ve ever bought a game on release day, hope Dramatic Labs are pleased with themselves! :rofl:


Only the second time for me that I can remember, too. FFVIIR, possibly Metal Gear Solid 2, but that was 20+ years ago :laughing:

Mine was the prequel to the first Life is Strange game about five or six years ago. It was my birthday and I just said live a little and bought it. :smiley: €40 is my limit though, I’d never ever in a billion years pay full price of €75 for a game.

Before the Storm? That was the first game I ever platinumed :smiley:

And I have to say I’m happy to shell out a bit more £ if I get something to go with it, like a special edition, etc, but I’m not gonna shell out more just for a game on its own.

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Yeah, it was Before the Storm, though I still have to play the following two games. I platinumed that one, but not the first. But I suspect you’ll have a new platinum on your trophy list soon!

I usually miss the chance to get special editions of games cos I’m so far behind in my playing! Like I could go ahead and order something that has a nice statue of Lara Croft or an Assassin, but I’m two games behind on both franchises. I’d feel dumb paying full whack for something I won’t play for maybe a few years.