[Question] Accessibility Features

Hi as a disabled gamer I always have to get the Quick Time events disabled in the games that can. I was wondering what kind of accessibility options will be offered as well as if there’s button remapping


I also wouldn’t mind some UI scaling options as well as subtitle visibility options!

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Anywhere in the game where you can reach a game over due to failing twitch gameplay, we have an option to turn on “Story Mode.”

We don’t have button remapping or UI scaling. But we’ll keep these things in mind for future games. Every new game gives us more foundation beneath our feet, and more bandwidth to improve the user experience. We’re a new studio building almost from scratch!

We have subtitles for English and our initial localizations, but what visibility options did you have in mind?


Things like subtitle or UI font or color, subtitle/UI background to make text more visible. Subtitle/UI scaling. Stuff like that.

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Button remaping would be a must


I think it really depends on the type of game it is tbh. If it is a more tactical game that requires strategy aka Midnight Suns given that’s a turn based strategy game the nyou can get away with awkward controls because thre’s no rush to hit the right button. If it’s a heavy action game however like Mass Effect or the Jedi Survivor game then yes customizable controls are a must. We’ll hav et see how this works and maybe if necessary they can patch in any changes that are neccessary