PLEASE ADD Y AXIS INVERT OPTION or I'll have to refund

INVERT y axis is a no brainer option for any game which uses a 1st or 3rd person viewpoint. Since the late 1990’s there have been very few games that do not offer this common and essential option. Many of us cannot even play the very first interactive scene without this option let alone latter portions of the game. I’m afraid if this isn’t fixed immediately I’ll have to refund and not recommend this game.


Tried to get a refund from Playstation, was basically to to get lost and chase the publisher.

No invert is not acceptable. They did the same thing at telltale for season 1 of the walking dead, then added it for season 2. Given its a lot of the same devs, I thought they would know better!

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Please devs, cannot play without this! :frowning:

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you payed with paypal ? open a case there if the dev dont answer

Heya. I’ve mentioned in other threads we have unlocked this feature and are testing it for our first patch. We just needed one last pass at QA on input for that.

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God I hope so because I really want to play this and it’s so frustrating to not be able to. There are some of us who totally immerse our “control minds” into the 3-D space of the game and the mouse represents our head - like we are controlling a puppet. You pull back on the head to look up and push the mouse forward to look down - like you’ve got your hand on the top of a puppet’s head. There’s no way to unlearn this - it’s hard-wired into our brains just like some people have right hand/left hand orientations.