Photo Mode Please! <3

The pause key always brings up the menu, but there is no way to pause cinematics to take nice screenshots. At least I couldn’t find a way.

Since the cinematics appear to be realtime 3D scenes, I would love to see a photo mode, where we can fly around in the scene and take screenshots from other angles while being able to control the animation a little bit forward or back around the point where we paused.

This would add a lot to longevity of the game for me, the same way the pause and slomo buttons on my TV remote adds to the longevity of a Star Trek movie. It lures out the sleuth in me.

This would also add a lot to viral marketing, as we can share more pretty screenshots over social media. To keep them spoiler free will be the ethical decision everyone needs to make, though.

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I’d like to second this.

If more advanced 3D is impossible or hard, at least a screenshot button would do nicely for me. I used Bandicam for screenshots, but a built in tool would be more convenient :slight_smile:

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Yes this would be a nice feature to have.

I would like to see this added as well.