PC - Default Keyboard Mapping

Is there a default guide or keyboard mapping available for those PC gamers who prefer Keyboard and Mouse vs. Xbox controllers?

I’m not sure this is what you’re asking, but in settings there’s a detailed, multi tab explanation to keys and mouse functions in each situation.

You could screenshot that for quick reference during gameplay.

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Thank you for your time!

The settings were EXTREMELY meager, but I’ll look again.

I see no tabbed interface?

I believe I’ve found the menu you were referencing. Once IN GAME one can access the tabbed menu you referenced. I was at the main menu. Thanks for the tip.

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Yes, I accessed it from the gameplay. I didn’t remember it wasn’t available from the main screen. I also didn’t remember correctly, because it’s actually in “Modes” where the tabs are, not “Keyboard”.

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Yes, the interface is not optimal, but it worked out. Ideally, I would have loved an LCARS interface as if one were on the Resolute using consoles onboard. We’ll see what improvements they have in mind as DLC’s and whatnot occur. Thanks again for taking the time to help!


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How do you get the tabbed menu in the game? I had to quit by hitting Alt-F4, which is not my preferred way to exit a game. :slight_smile:

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When you are in the cutscene or other part of the game (NOT main menu), press ENTER, and you will be in this menu.

Tabs are in MODES option.


the Space bar is how I found it

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