Patch 1.01 is LIVE!

Just checked a few minutes ago; it’s still not updated.

for me, STILL hasnt “fixed achievements”… im left with glitched out achievements that i SHOULD have got not being awarded to me retrospectively, meaning i have to struggle through glitchy, buggy minigames on another playthrough in order to try and remember my decisions so i will get all achievements i SHOULD already have…

How do you update this game in Epic Game Launcher. Mine is still stuck on 1.01

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According to Epic, it’s supposed to update automatically. Which means one of three things:

  1. Epic is refusing to patch the game
  2. Epic is taking forever to ensure the patch doesn’t break things in their setup
  3. Epic doesn’t have the patch

Given that this thread has been around for quite some time now, logically it would imply that the first is the answer. Which if is true, means the developers are lying. Since I doubt that, it thus means the developers aren’t really paying close attention to how the game is functioning in all markets. Neither is a good look.

Granted, the second answer could be true, but I have a hard time believing it’s taking this long to test a patch if that’s the case. Granted, different platforms have different requirements and Sony is not MS is not Steam is not Epic. But there’s a rough equivalency and my best guess is that a month is way too long for testing.

The title of this post was originally “Patch 1.1” is LIVE, but the actual patch number is “1.01”. Sorry about that as this mistake has caused some understandable confusion. If you are still unsure you have downloaded the patch, check the game settings to see if you have “Invert Y” as an option, if you do, then you have the latest patch available at this time. Thanks!