One and done or continued content?

The site appears to state no micro-transactions or DLC, but I’m curious if there are any plans to add new missions (free or pay) or if that isn’t really something being considered at this time. I’m enjoying this game and would be interested in further missions.


Hopefully things are going well enough that another game in this series will be released! Whether that be a sequel, prequel, or independent story.


I doubt anything will be added to Resurgence, but I’m sure there are plans already in place for another game if this one does well.

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Pretty sure the FAQ on the main site said there’s no DLC coming. Which is kind of a buzz, cos I’m walking around with these characters and kinda sad I may never see them again after this. :cry:


Maybe, or maybe a sequel to Resurgence will focus on the Resolute and it’s characters again? They had their own comic after all, so there’s obviously some investment in them.


One would assume Dramatic Labs have a long term plan in mind and making this into a semi regular franchise. They didn’t just convince Paramount to give them the license for just one game, surely. And the Prequel comic would get the characters out there to others who may not have known the game was a thing.


I’m really hoping there’s a continuation of some sort. I’d like to see more of the Resolute but also wouldn’t mind a totally different story. Either way these are the types of Star Trek games I’ve always wanted and I’d love it if the team could continue making them!


I was thinking last night that it’d cool if this was an anthology series, and hopped around different parts of ST history. Say something set just after TUC or an Enterprise-C game. But as this is a new studio, I imagine it’d keep costs down if any potential new game was a direct sequel to this one. They could just reuse assets they already have.


I am saluting the game devs, CBS and Paramount, for allowing this game to happen and be completed. In my book, those who all agreed to this project (game) and backed it are geniuses.
Is it a shame it has taken so long to combine the Star Trek universe and Narrative gameplay where choices matter into a finished product.; especially considering “Quantic Dream” (which was founded 26 years ago ) has been making games of a similar style.

I honestly would pay to see more narrative Star Trek Games, and if I ever got a big win on a lottery; give some of the winnings as an investor into developing more titles.


I agree - i hope we do get more episodes of Star Trek - there are so many possibilities for the story. Maybe we meet the borg someday or Q.

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Honestly, I think I’d prefer it more if they did the same again in choosing their villains. The Tkon appeared in one episode out of like 800, and Dramatic Labs really fleshed them out here. And it doesn’t require non fans to be worried about knowing every little detail. Maybe they could do something with the Kelvans or the First Federation next time?

That being said, Q or a Q would be well suited to a narrative game. They’re big on asking awkward questions narrative games like to ask of us!

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Hopefully another story. Or several. This has so far been really well done, and I am digging the way crew interactions work. Not to mention the crew themselves.

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I really like the story as well. The story ends in a good spot to continue your voyage. You just make captain and now you should continue your story with your ship. Or they could go the other way and do a prequel where you’re on the Endeavor. Whatever they do it would be nice if your choices add up and affect any future games in this series. I would really enjoy that.

What really impressed me is how involved I felt with some of my decisions. I was literally holding my breath when I accused the captain.


I kept waiting for Solano to accuse me of being the next person to join the mutinous ranks of Michael Burnham! :joy:

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You would love the old game BORG if they would ever remaster it to work on newer systems. You can still get it with a DOSBox type emulator to play, but it starred both the Borg and Q and it was a challenging, sometimes frustrating, narrative game that used FMV gameplay and played like the old Dragon’s Lair where you would enter a situation and had to make quick decisions where to go or die and reset the room. I still have the original discs, but sadly they won’t work on new systems so you have to use a PC emulator on a PC lol.

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Yep, played it many times. I even have the “movie” a fan made stringing together all the video scenes. Fun stuff.

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What you say about still having the original discs rings true about another discussion from a few weeks ago, about if this could ever come to physical media. Telltale went bust before I ever got their final two Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy games, so they’ve been out of my reach for over five years. Just happened to be in a secondhand store last week, and what three games did I find on disc? So I’d still love to have Resurgence on disc, if only for us fans to be able to preserve the game should Dramatic Labs ever go the same was as Telltale did. As it is, I’m just leaving it on my PS5 forever and ever, just in case.

I never played the Borg game, but I did have the audio cassette version of the Klingon game when I was a kid! Doubt we’ll ever see it remastered or rereleased, but you never know. I know some of the old Interplay games were put on some service maybe a year or two ago?

This guy has edited some of the Borg footage into this, and it’s very impressive to see it intercut with the footage from TNG and DS9.

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