NO PS5 version?

why is there no PS5 version available?
How does it work on a PS5? Is there anything not working?
What are the limitations?

they havent answered a single tweet about this or other questions. Dont expect any answers, looks like its ps4 only, downloading it on my ps5.

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the FAQ says, that running a PS4 game on a PS5 might lead to errors.
Keep us posted how it woks please

ive played a few ps4 games on my ps5, they never gave me issues, I expect this will be no different, but will update when its installed.

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“ve played a few ps4 games on my pc,”

typo, meant ps5
woopsie doopsie

This is just a stock statement to cover themselves just in case.

I’ve lost track of the PS4 games I’ve run on my PS5 and never had any problems at all.

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so you guys say in other works: Make it so ? and just get it, all good?

If there will be in future a ps5 version will we get it for free ?

playstation support is pretty good about refunds if you do run into issues. Ive actually had them help me out with things before. So Id say go for it.

I’ve already purchased my copy on the app, just waiting to get home to start downloading :laughing:

EDIT: As for a future Pas5 version, there’s no guarantees but in my experience the only ones I’ve seen charge for an upgrade are those originally released on PSVR and being upgraded to PSVR2.

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There is not a separate PS5 version of the game. The PS4 version is playable on the PS5 through backwards compatibility.

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The Witcher was also updated to PS5

that means max 30 fps?

I just wish the DEVS or publisher or ANYONE in th know would respond to this. I mean… its ridiculous

Are u sure. They explicitly put xbox. Not xbox series x. So that you know its last gen version.

And then to turn around and explicitly put ps5… its very odd

There is a series x/s version tho… im looking at it now on my series console

some1 posted a response only ps4 they said it was never stated a ps5 version just playable on ps5 as ps4

It runs just as well on my PS5 as on my PS4 Pro.
A few small issues. They’ll fix em soon enough.
It is playable & fun.

Gameplay & story are the real strengths.
The overall graphics are the least polished part of the game, so you wouldn’t see much benefit with a PS5 version I’d say.
While it could make good use of the sexy Dualsense triggers, I wouldn’t expect them to go back & put that in.

If this sells well then hopefully we’ll get another story in a newer game engine, with all that nice PS5 stuff.
We could all use some more great trek games.