Nerdy question for the devs about ship dimensions

So the Centaur-class as given in the DS9 Technical Manual is roughly 382m x 320m x 79m, which would give 17 or 18 decks.

But there’s another figure, which I think was originally published by Eaglemoss when they got the specs for the miniatures, that gave 220m for the length, which gives us 220m x 176m x 43m proportionally, and suggests 9 decks, maybe 10 at most.

The master situation display in the game seems to strongly support the latter, smaller figure. So I figured I’d ask for a confirmation that the smaller dimensions were what you decided on as the “official” ones for the game.


Well the MSD shows 9 decks, but in the official Excelsior MSD, that shows that the saucer by itself has something like 11.

Right, but in this case, the Resolute is basically all saucer - there’s barely an engineering deck to speak of, so it still feels to me like it supports the smaller dimensions overall.

Our Centaur is the larger dimension you mention. About 382 m long.

Remember a lot of the height is due to the swooping nacelles and there are no decks in the pylons.

I think 9 decks is accurate (of course I could open my planning model and remind myself, but I’m chilling on my couch right now.) Plus there are one or two ancillary service decks inside the nacelles and some sort of access well/corridor that connects via the pylons. These haven’t been entirely fleshed out, but that’s how the med team is able to get to Carter and Edsilar inside the nacelle service deck.

One thing of note is that the Excelsior style saucer was scaled down for the Centaur class kitbash, and the rim windows are in inconvenient places. I think it’s deck 5 that technically has knee height windows :stuck_out_tongue:


I really love how you nailed the percieved metrics on the ships interior. Unlike other games out there, which mostly feel too large, as traversing narrow spaces mostly cause camera issues, Resurgence feels correctly to scale, like you are really on the bridge or in engineering, etc. and not in a game level. I also noticed the camera swoop from outside to inside into the briefing room. That’s one of the goosebumps moments really.

Cool, thanks for the confirmation!