My own personal take on the game, as a long time trek fan

You guys did an awesome job, the story is solid and the gameplay is good. The game needs a few polishing pass i beleive. I won’t spoil anything but at the very end of the game, I had all 3 ‘’ ending’’ siting and clipping in the same chair… The reflection of the hair was more often than not way to high, and some of the walking animation and interaction might need a bit of love too.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t enough to not like the game, I was just… like oh well, can’t be perfect, when maybe i should’ve been in awe with the scene.

Good on you to have chosen Toutefix for your main v. Awesome voice actor! Wich pretty much goes all around for every actor in the game.

So yeah guys, if you do another one I’ll buy it! Just… give me native 4k res next time ok ? thanks :wink: