More PC Concerns - 30 FPS Cap and Graphics Settings

Hello all, I was reading IGN’s review of the game here and it brings up some concerns for me…

  • 30 FPS cap
  • Very limited graphical changes

Regarding the 30 FPS cap…
With PS5/Xbox series X|S and PC all supporting high-refresh rate and the market generally going that direction, this game will probably receive harsh criticism from (PC) players if it is locked to 30 FPS. I recall games in 2007 receiving flak for that. Please provide a setting to disable the 30FPS cap, or at least let us adjust it to match 60/120 Hz panels. V-Sync/variable refresh support would be even better to adapt the game to each player’s PC. I think this FPS-lock will really hurt the reception of the game in the PC space (and beyond if present on PS5/Xbox). See this Reddit thread for others talking about the same thing.

Regarding limited graphics settings…
PC gamers like to tinker with the graphics settings to self-optimize the game for their components. Some people need to adjust FOV to prevent themselves from getting sick when playing a game. Some people really hate having motion-blur enabled, especially if they have high-refresh rate monitors or feel queasy with it on/off. Some people are fine with lens-flares, some aren’t. Some people like TAA while others prefer FXAA or MSAA or turn off AA altogether to improve performance. The ability to adjust these settings is one of the reasons people buy PCs over consoles: the ability to customize your experience for yourself.

Not having the ability to change these sorts of settings will alienate people from purchasing the game on PC. There is at least one comment, at the time of writing this, on the IGN review stating their displeasure with this situation (not me).

The most important features for me would be unlocked FPS cap and the ability to disable motion blur, at least, this close to release. Would these features be something the Devs would be willing to address soon after release? I really think this will help increase a PC player’s experience and reception of the game.

Edit: To clarify, I bring this up because I really like Star Trek games, and this game can/will be either a steppingstone or a brick wall to future Star Trek games. I’m not here to complain; I really want to enjoy Star Trek: Resurgence and see it and future games succeed.

Edit 2: also, please allow us to set the resolution to native for our monitors. If anything, please let us know what file we can edit to adjust such settings manually.

Edit 3: the main menu doesn’t have the 30FPS cap that the game does, just an observation.