Mine/key suggestions

Once in the mine, you need to creep along until you get the red door key. I can’t seem to creep well enough to escape getting killed. 4 times this has happened. Suggestions anyone?


If you’re on console or using a controller, you can push down on the left analog stick to creep faster. Also just take your time, the guards in that section have very regular and short patrols, and it’s easy to spot the twenty seconds or so their backs are fully turned and can’t see Jara. Once you grab the key, quickly head down into the pit when the prompt appears on screen, and you’ll be OK then.

You can go fast the NPC’s are not that smart and allow quick run by. Also the game doesn’t do a good job of hiding your character behind objects the NPC’s act like they can see you behind objects if they’re near enough. I played it as move quick spotting my the enemies and keep moving.

You can also play that section in Story Mode. You won’t get caught unless you bump into the enemy, and it won’t effect achievements.

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