LCARS Displays?

Ahoy mateys!

Just was wondering if the Resolute perhaps some LCARS/MSD style layouts? Iā€™m Running Star Trek adventures and our own little Centaur the USS Mary Shelley is due for a refit and I really like the look of the Resolute! Was wondering if there were any that people have found or might be availible from the game? If not no biggie just figured Iā€™d chance it. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also excited to play the game too! :slight_smile: )


If you mean official artwork for you to download, Iā€™m afraid not.

But we have some nice views of the panels here and there. One could potentially take a screenshot and photoshop something up for personal use.

Tell us about the latest adventure of the USS Mary Shelly!

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