Lack of developer community relations

In all honesty any hype I had for this game is gone.

I have absolutely no problem at all with devs taking extra time, announcing delays etc to deliver a good quality game, in fact I highly support this. I think “take the time you need but just let us know what’s up”

However the Devs of this game have been radio silent. They update on Twitter and have NO community follow up. NO replies. NO questions answered. Not even the BARE MINIMUM of interaction and that’s absolutely abysmal to me.

The marketing for this game has been atrocious, the community handling non existent and not a single one of the basic questions people would ask ask EVER answered.

Is it genuinely too much to ask for the Dev studio to even tell us the damn price of this game?

The hype was there but through your lack of action you have completely put me off this game. The radio silence screams: this game is bad and we know it and we’re just gonna deliver what we have and move on. I don’t think it’s going to meet the hype, I struggle to believe it’ll even be playable given not a single team member would take 2 hours out of their evening on one single day over the last year to give us a paltry basic update.

Will there be a physical release?

Will there be a pre order?

What price will the game be?

These are three of the most basic questions I have that any other studio would be foaming at the mouth to tell their community.

This is appalling behaviour. Do better.


Being I dont see it in the Ps store as pre order I assume there is no pre order… I agree we should know the price Hell I tweeted for months and got no reply so I have no idea whats going on other then Release so we are told is the 23rd


Exactly. And their entire radio silent on their own forums too.

Like are they taking us for fools here? This is an utter joke. Give us SOME interaction ffs.

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Make me worry about how long Updates and bug Fixs may take since It goes months at a time without info or a status update

Dude, calm down. This forum is barely open a week. They’ve said themselves they’re a very small team, and have had to put everything they had into making the game as good as it can be. As a result, they chose to go radio silent. And personally, that’s fine with me. Better to have them working on making the best game they can instead of wasting time making dumb memes and jokes on Twitter. They won’t have the PR power that these former Telltale workers had at their previous workplace. Whoever is running the Twitter and IG pages is probably double or maybe even triple jobbing.

And show me a major AAA game that hasn’t been delayed or have been accused of having a lousy social media team. Cyberpunk, Suicide Squad, Gotham Knights, Horizon: Forbidden West, Jedi: Survivor, God of War: Ragnarok. They’ve all been or were delayed multiple times. When Dramatic Labs set the original release date (whatever it was cos I can’t remember it), I was like “eh” cos I knew it’d most likely be delayed. It’s just the state of the industry in this day and age.

There might even be legal issues we’re not aware of too that is preventing them from releasing info about physical releases and pre-order dates. It’s possible they might have to put all of that threw CBS/Paramount, so it doesn’t step on the toes of any other product releases planned. They may not be bound by contracts preventing them from telling us this stuff, and I’m sure they’re just as desperate to announce or confirm things as we are to hear them.


When all those studious announced delays they interacted with their community afterwards and their communities said to them “thanks for letting us know thanks for keeping us updated”

I know because I’m using them as examples. They spoke to their community, they answered at least some questions. Even other small dev teams too.

I’ve read their statement, I appreciate they’re a small team but again I’m not asking the world I’m asking for perhaps ONCE A YEAR for a single Dev to take 2 hours out of their life to answer a SINGLE QUESTION from the community. Scroll back through their Twitter and look for a reply from them to any of their posts. Look for one single reply in the last year that isn’t one sentence basic info already in the FAQs/screenshots shown or simply saying “we’ll answer more soon” which they never do.

The marketing for the game has been virtually non existent further leading me to think this is going to be a major flop. Frankly with the utter contempt the dev studio has treated the community, I’m not buying this on day one and I know a good amount of other people who aren’t because they’re not willing to take the risk on the whispers of a shadow of a chance that the game turns out to be serviceable given the complete and utter silence.

And I’m betting they’re going to bring it out at some sort of ridiculous price point to boot.

My point is the principle here. They’ve ghosted the fans/community and expect everyone to still buy it in the end? Joke.

Well, they’re on the cover of a magazine dedicated to PC gaming this past month, IGN covered it multiple times through IGN First and the game was unveiled to the world at the Game Awards. Those seem like big enough stages to promote the game, but what do I know.

Not trying to be bitchy here, but people will buy this on day one, no matter what. Trekkies will spend money on this kind of thing, because we get proper video games made for console or PC maybe once or twice a decade. To have another game come out so soon after the Prodigy one late last year, that’s probably not happened in over twenty years, back when Activision had the license and was putting out games at a fair pace. STO has been going for thirteen years, around eleven of it as free to play. Game still wouldn’t be running if players didn’t continuously pour money into it. I’m sorry you feel the way that you do, but I personally suspect you’re in a minority of people who are choosing to bypass the game just cos the developers won’t/can’t talk to fans/you.


I’m not saying you’re asking too much here, but I can see how this could create even more problems.

Firstly, this would set a precedent. They can’t answer just one person’s question without having a barage of “you replied to them, where’s my reply???” tweets as well. (And to be fair, if you go through the “replies” section on twitter they have actually been replying to people’s tweets for the past couple of months, even if it is just to clarify what info is already out there). Also this is a small company with a MASSIVE franchise lisencing deal. I don’t know if it’s the first studio to have such a big name as their first game, but I can imagine the pressure from Paramount’s legal division is gonna be huge, and running the risk of accidentally announcing anything they’re not supposed to too soon (remember the “No it’s not 23rd May” clarification?) just isn’t worth it.

I’ll admit it is dissapointing not to see more interaction on these forums, but I can see how it essentially has to be all or nothing, and I completely understand why they have chosen to (or even had to) go with nothing.

Just my two slips, for what it’s worth :person_shrugging:


one hour till launch and I still cant fucking purchase the game, the lack of anything is utterly shit. I expected better, but no, a few banal tweets and absolutely no community engagement is shitty.

They said they couldn’t do pre orders on PC and PlayStation because the logistics just couldn’t work out in time, so technically 1hr before launch is still a “preorder”. When it hits 8 PDT it will then just be available to purchase because it’s released


Hey everyone, The game should now be available on PlayStation, Xbox and Epic Game Store. Apologies for the preorder frustrations.


any PS5 experience yet ? does it work properly ?
even with 60FPS? Which resolutions does it support?