How do I invert the Y (look) axis?

I’d like to invert the Y for looking (IE so down is up). I couldn’t find a way to do this in the game’s options, and I’m not sure what the Unreal INI file command is.
Any help here would be appreciated.

Hopefully, the ini file command works bc it did NOT work for changing the game’s video resolution.


I sincerely hope someone answers this. I got past the opening cutscene, found myself in a corridor, tried to look up, looked down instead, tried to find the “invert axis” setting, couldn’t and “noped” out of the game.

It’s a real shame - I’ve been looking forward to this game. I hope someone finds, posts or patches a solution in the next two weeks, or I’ll have to refund. I flat-out cannot play games with the mouselook Y-axis aligned this way. My brian never seems to re-wire itself.

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The INI file setting didn’t work.
I tried:
In both the GameUserSettings.ini and Input.ini
No luck, I’m not sure if that’s the correct command though.

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Just came here for this. No option on console either. How is it not there?!


I’m not sure I thought it was something that Unreal just supported natively?

I’m still downloading on my PlayStation but this option would be very much appreciated by me as well!

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Came here to say I’d also appreciate Y-axis inversion setting! Devs, please! Thanks!

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Just got the game and found the lack of options to be disappointing. I still want to play, but I would really like to see some basic options like invert Y axis and some more screen resolutions supported. Will be checking back regularly. I hope someone finds a way or it is patched in.

So sad that with a focus that games have with accessibility these days such a basic option is missing. Lucky to be playing on the Xbox with allows controller mapping and have inverted the right stick.

That’s my issue as well. No possibility to invert Y axis in Playstation.
Devs please!

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But then you have problems with the puzzles, I’d guess? If you have to move the right stick up to turn some dial or something, it’s difficult to do that upside down…?
But I have a PS5 so I can’t use that setting, I think. Not sure though. Perhaps I should check :slight_smile:

But because of the dialogue bugs I’m going to wait for a patch first. It’s no fun missing the last line(s) of many conversations.

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Adding a polite request for mouse Y invert as most other modern PC games have. I’m trying to make progress anyway but almost gave up while trying to aim my phaser at the plasma balls on the ship exterior. Soooo frustrating.


Haha, yes, I almost gave up on that scene as well!
It’s really strange how you get used to controls! I have a friend who is used to ‘normal’ behaviour, he can’t play with an inverted mouse or joypad at all…

I cam here looking for answers to the same thing. Seriously, how does any game release without an option to invert the Y-axis controls?

Camera look can be inverted w/o messing with UP / Down for puzzles, and if the puzzles are relaying on manipulating the camera, my brain already is doing the translation for that. Do we know if the devs even read these posts?

Thanks, I did not know that, I will check if my PS5 has a similar option!

I was so disappointed to find out this game is physically unplayable because it’s missing one of the most bog standard accessibility options. I’m used to single-dev-on-Itch games being inaccessible in this way, but a bigger-budget release from a pro studio? Just bizarre.

Devs, please? Otherwise a lot of us will have to join the refund line in two weeks.

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I would also like this. This is basic accessibility for me, at least if the Game would recognize the .ini setting, as Unreal Engine is capable of this, like mentioned in other post bInvertY is not recognized, have checked some of my other Unreal Engine games, bMouseInvertYAxis=True is also not recognized.
This is important for me for being able to play, also with the flight control for the shuttle.

Otherwise thank you for a great Star Trek game, i really like how the characters react to the characters choices and it has an interesting story.

I have not been able to play this game since launch. It’s also a bit disheartening to not hear from the developers on this as it feels like it could be a pretty straight forward issue to address. And even if it isn’t at least let us know. Right now I don’t know what to do. I can’t play the game, so should I return it until the devs get around to patching it or should I hang on to it, and potentially not really ever get to play it.
Frustrating to say the least.

We are testing this for the first patch. I personally think it’s worth it to wait a bit for the patch. It’s better than side loading a solution since the proper y invert doesn’t mess up QTEs. We really appreciate your patience.