Great Story, good Gameplay, some Feedback

Great job so far. Of course, there are some technical issues, like in every game that’s been released nowadays, but I wanted to provide some feedback on the gameplay.

  1. Firstly, the constant switching between Jara and Carter was ok, but I think it would have been even better to play just one of the two to build a deeper connection to the characters and the environment.

  2. The shuttle missions were a nice variety, but they were a bit annoying on the second playthrough. I think Quick Time Events would have been more pleasant here, since you can’t really control much anyway.

  3. When it comes to the shootouts, I would also have preferred quick time events with a bit more story effect instead of shooting myself. I mean, after the first battle it was always the same, stay hidden until the text message disappears and then hit as many enemies as possible. For a shooter / action game, OK, for a story game, rather boring.

  4. A few times in the game I had to smile a bit, for example when we are sent “alone” on the search for Carter’s girlfriend, after she initially did not turn in a dangerous space crystal and also does not contact us via the com. I mean, where is the security when you need them ? :smiley:

That’s it for now. :slight_smile: I know, not everybody will agree with my opinion, but I hope we can gather some feedback to help to optimize upcoming games :slight_smile:

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I really liked switching between Jara and Carter, I thought it flowed well. It was like the A and B plot to an episode, switching between the two (related) storylines.

My only problem with the mini games (as a PS5 player) was having to keep my thumb pulling on the analogue stick to keep the curser in place. For example, in shootouts, I would pull the right analogue stick to the right/left to aim at enemies on the far side. My natural inclination was then to let go of the analogue stick to fire with R2, but when I did that, Jara/Carter would snap back to centre. I found having to hold the analogue stick and press down R2 at the same time rather awkward.

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Hah! She IS security!

This was all very interesting to read. Thanks for the feedback.

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Yes, but hopefully not the only one. :sweat_smile: