Graphics Options?

Playing this on PC and I’ve noticed there aren’t any Graphics settings,

Can we get these added in the future? On my PC the game looks like it’s been locked to auto-resolution, so even though I’m running it at 1080 with an RTX 3080, The game looks like It keeps scaling down below 1080, giving me a lot of ghosting, jagged edges, blurred textures and low-res textures.

But, most importantly for me at least, I’d really like to see the option to disable Motion Blur. The Motion blur is really aggressive and on a few occasions I’ve had to pause or outright quit the game because of the motion sickness its given me.

I guess to itemise issues I have,

  1. The game looks like it only has 2x AA enabled given how jagged edges keep looking
  2. Textures are often blurry or outright of a low resolution, impacting readability of text on LCARS, walls etc.
  3. Ghosting when moving (The sort you kinda tend to see with DLSS)
  4. Aggressive Motion Blur
  5. Grainy images (Film Grain? Sometimes the game, on my monitor at least, doesn’t look very clear)

I guess most of my graphics issues are largely accessibility in nature, I’m having difficulty with motion sickness (Which is really weird for me because I’ve never experienced that in a game before, first time for everything I guess) and the readability of text in textures.

An example of readability of text in textures would be like at the start of the game when you read the XO’s profile info at security, or when checking the shuttle flight logs. The text on LCARS etc was a little weird for me, It didn’t look crisp and readable.

A lot of other things I guess are ultimately just personal preference, I prefer crisp and clear images as opposed to filmic/cinematic looks as it makes things easier for me to see.