German subtitles and overlay

I strongly request that a German overlay and German subtitles be added. I also don’t understand why this is not done from the beginning, because Germany (+Switzerland and Austria) have a large Star Trek fan community.


One of the devs answered that they hope to add a German patch in the future.


are there any news about German subtitles

I don’t understand any of the 3 foreign languages and therefore don’t understand the game. Before I bought the game, I asked Microsoft Bing if German was supported. When the question was rated positively by Bing, I bought the game. So playing is neither meaningful nor fun. If I had known this before, I would have ignored the game and would never have bought it.

Are you going to add other languages or not? This is a very weak achievement from you to make the game available in only 3 languages. Do you even know what “Star Trek” stands for?

Is that going to be something?! You really shouldn’t buy any games. That’s a very bad customer imposition on “Star Trek.”

Anyway. Please forward this.

Until the days.

After my initial answer, I uninstalled the game. Since the lyrics and subtitles are all in the foreign language or were in English, it didn’t make sense to leave the game installed. Too bad I bought such a poorly marketed game. I make sure that the games are available in my language. Such a gross mistake as will not happen to me again. What a mess. This has neither structure nor content.

German Subtitles were added with the latest update. You can choose them in the Settings in main menu.


Thank you for this information. Hopefully it has been translated 100%. Of course, the user interface in the game must also have been translated into German. I could type in some examples, but they would belong to other games where not everything was translated, etc. Star Trek online is not a good example or they don’t have service computers in the European Union. This makes it really difficult to connect overseas, as the service providers are located in the United States of America. Therefore, I’m playing it directly (Star Trek online.exe) since I linked it. The translation is by Microsoft Bing.

Now I have to find where I bought and downloaded the game. Downloading with 1 Giga Bits reception is normal for me & won’t cause me any difficulties.

Anyway, have nice days.

Supplement: I bought the game “Star Trek: Resurgence” through “Epic Games”. Normally, I would have installed the game on my tower machine via the XBox application. Here I use the “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” subscription (14.99 € per month & can be cancelled at any time) for my tower computer, because you can also play your XBox games on the computer from MS Win10 (alias Win11). Anyway. The game can now be played in German, although the German pronunciation is missing, which of course would be very important for us German-speaking players, because here you first have to read the subtitles & then click on 1 to 3. All this under time pressure. The time could really have been omitted for this. The time has to be adjusted/changed, especially when the language has been changed.

I have to say that I think the translation is really successful. The sentence structure, the words and the meaning behind the statements are very well preserved. I think I speak English well, I also played through the game once in English, but the second current playthrough with German subtitles brings me even more out of the game.

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Altough the timer will run out, all that happens is a real time-out: The game waits until you click, while everything is greyed out.

Maybe. I’ve stopped playing after Spock docked with the dinghy. The game also didn’t help you with how to remove the broken/rocks from the game. I could have picked up the task/quest again, but I didn’t feel like it anymore. Then there’s how you opened things. For me, it is incomprehensible why this has been left so complicated. Opening something can be so easy or hard. As it is, not everyone will like it. You can’t do much with your own characters. Here, quite simply and quite simply, freedom of movement is missing. The game is one big sad game. The team has already had its first failure with the one test phase and the misfortune continues. Maybe I’m still at the beginning. It seems to me that the game was only designed for the console. I don’t think I’ll keep playing it. Will be uninstalled. This kind of game is not really fun.