Game progress is not saved

Played for a few minutes. Did something else, loaded save file, starts from the very beginning again, cant skip the intro sequence.

You need to look out for a little save icon in the bottom right hand corner. It looks like a box with an arrow in it. That’s when the game saves. If you exit out of the game before that, it will take you back to the last game checkpoint - or in your case the beginning if you only played for a few minutes before quitting out.

That suckz. Weird design choice.

I had a sneaking suspicion that it was the checkpoint system but i still managed to accidentally restart the prologue 3 times! Hit the escape button once out of muscle memory from other games and i was toast haha

Is there a way to load a secific checkpoint or only the last.

Only the last checkpoint can be returned to. If you are able to create a backup save (e.g. cloud save with playstation) then you can save specific point if you think you might want to go back to it but that would mean overriding your newer save file with the older backup.

The first save point is when you board your ship the first time. It’s also indicated by the arrow and line in the corner drawing a square. Another indicator of a save point is when the game switches between characters.

I apologize for that menu escape gaff. But we have changed that for the upcoming patch.

Currently the game uses checkpoints and and you can only continue from the last checkpoint. However, we have continued to mature our tech throughout development and expect to offer more features around saves, checkpoints, and progression in future games.