Game isnt worth the cost

Current state of the game isnt worth the £30 price

a list of few issues

NO QHD/4K options avalable
30FPS cap
Constant Crashing and issues
No ajudstments to the Graphics settings
based on UE4 , where UE5 is out and game could of been ported with a few months extra on top
Animations Look so 2009 ,
Face Animations are meme tastic …
accessabulity options would be a plus as well.

i would most likely have more to say bit i susspect this thread would be 99 pages long …

for a game to be relased on 2023 in this state if it wasnt because i am a massive ST fan i would of not bothered with this.

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Well, that’s a bit harsh, I believe.
The game crashes on your computer.
That’s annoying of course, but I suggest you contact their support team. I’m sure they have tested the game on many pc’s but there a literally millions of possible combinations so there might be something they have missed.

Other than that, your main grievances are graphic-related. Perhaps I am getting old, but I have fond memories of Sonic and Mario in all their 8-bit glory.
I am perfectly fine with paying 10-50 euro for a game with a compelling story and lesser graphics. And ‘lesser’ in the sense of what would be possible. It seems nowadays a lot of people only look at the graphics and at nothing else. They forget how much it costs to make all those great graphics. And how much copies must be sold then to make up for those costs.
This is an indie-studio finally making a Star Trek-adventure style game again for the first time in ages. They know they won’t sell millions of it. They don’t want to make it €60. They do want voice actors and a great story. So something’s gotta give then….

Just my 2 cents…


@vrowdy, I do agree with you that I will enjoy the game just fine with graphics that aren’t the best. I’ll get used to how it looks to enjoy the game.

Personally, I’m more concerned about what seem like artificial limitations or oversights, such as a 30 fps cap and missing high-resolution options. Thankfully we can work around some of these to customize it to our liking using the UUU as discussed in another post.

That being said, I’m still playing and enjoying it!

I am not a clever man, and all these PC players having issues makes no sense to me, but I feel sorry for them. Hopefully the hardworking team will be able to patch things for them soon.

But I have to agree with @vrowdy. This is the first game from a new studio, all former Telltale employees who know how to make narrative games like this. This was never ever going to be a AAA game to rival something from Ubisoft or CDPR or Sony Santa Monica. I am honest to God just DELIGHTED to have a new ST game to play, and so soon after the Prodigy one from late last year. The last time we got two games so close to one another was probably twenty odd years ago when Activision held the license.

The game may not be “perfect” in the eyes of some, but I do think it should be worthy of our support and given the benefit of the doubt. And come on, the game is only out seven hours as of typing this. Throwing it out in that time just makes you look like you’re having a mini tantrum solely on the grounds that it’s not reaching the same graphical heights of something like Cyberpunk.


Yeah considering that they are a brand new studio without even a physical headquarters, they did well. There are issues, but luckily it can be fixed; a storyline, for example, can’t. And in my opinion I think the story is great.


I guess “worth” is a very subjective and personal thing to define. Ultimately, it comes down to what you personally are willing to pay for the provided experience.

For me, it’s all about story. The ability to live in this familiar Star Trek world and participate as a member of the crew. I am very willing personally to pay the listed price of this game to have that experience.

The graphics look great to me, but then, I’m probably not in a position to be up to speed with what the latest in graphics should look like. (I’ve only just moved up from PS3 to PS4) But I can understand that you might expect a certain technical standard to be associated with the cost.


Thanks for the criticism and thanks for the support, both.

It might be 2023, but it still takes around 40-60 animators and over 150 support staff to make a 90 minute feature film. We made around 15 hours of voiced, animated, branching, content with a skeleton crew. I think we did pretty good given the challenges laid before us. And we did it all without toxic industry practices. No early access, no generative AI, no workplace crunch.

We’ll patch the game and get some more expected settings and features under the hood for you. Stick with us. We want to make you happy.



Well, besides some problems, like the resoultion, the lack of graphics options and the already fixed problem with the main menu on PC, I think it is worth the money. The voice acting is fantastic and you can feel they put a lot of love into this game. So for now I can “oversee” the problems with big hopes the issues will be fixed ASAP. They are not really big issues for the DEV to overcome so…just one thing left for them, fix the stuff.


Personally I’m loving the game so far and I’m hoping for more stories from the resolute. The graphics are not the ultra realism of a lot of games today however for me the story and the very familiar star trek feeling and the gameplay of living and in some cases in the game working on a starfleet ship make up for any visual that people find lacking in the game. Personally I think it’s more than worth the price, hell after playing it I’d even have paid more for it, the lower price tag is just a cherry on top. That’s my personal opinion anyway.


I am waiting for it to go on sale. I agree it’s not worth $40. Maybe $25 at most and preferrably $20. Max resolution of 1920X1080 without a mod… That’s sad! I do agree that the game should be native 4k as an option and support other resolutions as well, like 32:9 monitors like my Samsung Odyssey with a resolution of 5120X1440. 30FPS is fine because the game doesn’t really have any fast paced action. It isn’t Elite Force 1 or 2 or Bridge Commander. A fairly linear story that’s about 10 hours worth of gameplay. I do agree that the game should have been converted to the Unreal 5 engine.

There is a mod that fix almost all of your issues. Support for higher resolutions + ultrawide + uncapped framerate is here - #7 by Oetkar

As for crashing, i did not have 1 single crash on my system. All drivers up to date ?

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I just want to mention that I did not author the tool, just wanted to point people to the invert y mouse option, after having read and configured my settings to change mouse y axis.

I beg to differ with the OP though, the games strongest side is that it tells a really deep & and well thought out Star Trek tale. It has good characters and you really feel that the decisions are meaningful and impacting the characters path throughout the game. This does not make me miss 4k and whatnot, the graphics are consistent and fitting, I just really would have liked to have been able to explore more parts of it, like Rydeks quarters, the mess, lounge, etc.

As to the technical side, other ppl have created the tool to bring more detail and resolution to the game, the development team is working on the first patch, etc.

I had no crash on my system throughout the whole story and my rig is not a top of the line pc.

As the game is currently below 30 EUR as part of the Epic Mega Sale it is well worth the price and I hope that we see more adventures of the Resolute in the future.

For a new and small studio the game is a fantastic take off.



The game is not on sale for the US Epic Mega Sale. It’s still $40!

Just because there is a mod for PC to help with the lack of game optimizations and settings. That still does nothing for console players. The XBOX Series S/X, PS5, and the recommended specs for PC just show how poorly the game is actually optimized. There are a lot of games that look and perform better on significantly less. Here’s hoping that first patch comes sooner than later and addresses the complaints about the auto save function and adds some more support for higher resolutions, improved graphics, and better performance.

While it is not shown on sale in the store, a -25% Epic coupon was applied at checkout, was surprised by that too.

I don’t know if Epic handles this different in US, maybe it is the same and the discount/coupon appliance is only shown at checkout?

I was aware of the coupon. I was hoping it was on sale and the coupon would also apply. $20 or $25 at the most, is what I think the game is worth in its current state. $30 is still too much. I also wanted it on XBOX and there is no discount for that.

This game is not that bad really, i have seen worse games at launch date (Cyberpunt 2077 and Jedi Survivor). This company has a few people working on a game, for the first time they did an amazing job!. Other companies can learn from this.

I’m not knocking the story. From what I have seen, that is what interests me a lot about the game. I get that my monitor isn’t that common to have, which is why I would honestly prefer it on my XBOX Series X. However, 1920X1080 on a 4k 120Hz 82" TV with a full Dolby Atmos setup isn’t a $40 experience. When I think back to the last time I had a 1080p monitor and TV. That’s going back before 2014, which is almost a decage ago. That monitor I still have and use to work on PC’s for others. It’s 2560X1080, which still isn’t supported by this game officially.

I want this game to do well! From what I have seen of it. It offers a better Star Trek expeirence than trash like Star Trek Online and the other games to come out in the past few years. That said. The developers for this game need to be called out on what they could have done better. If this game had native 4k support on current gen consoles, it would be worth $30. You provide at least 20+ hours of solid gameplay on top of that. Then it’s worth $40. Anyway, that’s my opinion.

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These Mods only work on PC and not on PS5

Honestly, thank you for this game. I am playing on Xbox Series S and the one thing I hope to get is an inverted-look option. I can BARELY manage a controller as is (I play primarily on PC) and I had to quit at the first EVA section with the phaser activity. But I’m happy to wait for a patch, and if the game releases on Steam in a year, I’ll buy it again, I promise you.

I think for a dev team to choose to make a narrative Trek game, you have to really be fans in the first place. The reality is that our beloved Star Trek property is not the same kind of money-printing machine as Star Wars, it never has been. We have so few good Trek games, and from what little I’ve played, Resurgence is already one of the best ones ever because it captures the essence of the franchise. So thank you for that, and I hope the team is not done. :slightly_smiling_face: