Frustrated after only 15mins

I’ve been pretty excited to try this game but man, i gotta admit, the first 15min experience has been a pain in the a$$. I started the game up and get no prompts to choose between controller or PC controls (I accept that both probably work). The Ensign’s PADD flies through the air and i get “Press RT”. I don’t have a controller plugged in so i’m right-clicking my mouse and that does nothing. I hit ESC thinking it’ll take me to the options screen to setup my preferred control options and it takes me right back to the main-menu where i have a “Continue” option. I click it and it restarts the game… WTH?
So, i continue again, now realising i can press RETURN to enter the options screen. I click between the controller and keyboard tabs by selecting keyboard, thinking this must enable keyboard options. It appears to because the PADD scene now presents a “Click left-click” icon. Great! I caught the PADD. I continue with the game and about 10mins through i hit ESC again. I think “oh no”. I have the “continue” option again and click it. Game restarts again… OMG. No skippable intro video so i have to sit through it again and i honestly just give up at this point.
Why is it not saving the game at checkpoints? Why is it not presenting a proper setup config to let you choose your config? Why is continue not continuing the game where i just left it? It seems like the game lacks so much polish…