Finished it, the story is so good!

Just finished it, and I absolutely loved the story!!!

I will definitely be doing another playthrough where I make different choices or the least common ones. Amazing game, thank you very much Dramatic Labs!


agree. But I’m hoping they will improve some of the gameplay elements for the next mission we are going on!!

Yeah so far I’m loving the story since I’m at a point I did not expect story to go that route. But later tonight I will pick up where I left off to find out what going to happen.


I agree with the OP. Good story. :+1:

I just finished it myself a few minutes ago and it was a great story overall hope they continue the story with Diaz and Rydek in another game.

Likewise and i can only say i can’t wait for the next instalment. i hope that they will make it into a series and honestly i’d love if the crew from the original carry over into the next, sure there where some rough bits but its there first game as a team for this dev and the story was exceptionally strong, really loved the return of portal one of my early favs from tng.

Now i know the borg have been given attention in the past but i’d love to see a borg story in thie engine / game style or perhaps a return to the delta quadrant see how things have changed in that sector since Voyager returned home :slight_smile: all in all though like all of you i loved the game.

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I agree, this was a brilliant original story; it hooked me in and I would love to see more in the future.

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