Final thoughts: well worth the wait

So I finished the game (PS5) last night, and just wanted to say how much I loved it, and how much it was worth the wait.

The story was so great and well thought out, with the responsibility weighing on the choices amping up naturally. There were times when I really did feel the pressure of having to think what course of action of to take, and I have to say I really felt proud when Spock regarded my choices so highly (but likewise it was a full on gutpunch knowing that he was dissapointed in me!)

Carter and Jara were also such great fits for playable characters. Carter’s beaming personality shone through regardless of what kind of decision you made, and Jara being more of a fresh slate who is as new to the Resolute as we are really fits someone we could mould and relate to depending on the choices we made.

Overall I have to agree that this game really nails what a Star Trek game should have/be. I’m a fan of pretty much all Trek series both new and old, and love the novels, and this game really does fit in well with all of them.

Other than that however, everything about it just felt so immersive and the attention to detail meant that the Resolute especially just felt like being on board any other on-sceen Starship. I can’t wait to see what comes next and what further adventures you can come up for us!


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