Different Endings

This may contain some spoilers!

So, everybody who finished the game already, did anyone have had the option to reverse the bioform? Is there even a way to save miranda? I’m currently on my second playthrough and was hoping, if i pick different conversations miranda and the captain they would maybe help to reverse the bioform.

I’ve only played it fully through once, and started a second, but I’d be very surprised. I enjoyed the story, but it does seem to be rather set in terms of where it goes. Whatever choices you make throughout the story it still follows the same path (even if someone resigns), so I would presume the closest thing to different endings would be who you choose as first officer (which has minimal impact) and whether it’s Carter or Nili who gets bioformed (which is more an emotional impact than a narrative one)?

I am aware of " good & evil " endings if they can be called that from a YT video.

Beyond that, I do not know if there are more endings with variations based on your choices. I suspect there is, but it might likely be in the form of minor dialogue variations.

I hope to save Miranda, but I am unsure if it is possible. although I believe one can save Carter or Nili (bioformed here is not permanent)

I would hope with Portal 69’s help you could undo all the bioforming, but I will have to wait and see if that is true.

I think myself from playing a lot of these type of games, certain events are (to borrow from the Time Lords) fixed points. No matter what you do, you’re going to end up there.

To avoid spoilers for this game, I’ll use old ones. In the first Walking Dead, Lee always gets bit at the end of episode four. You can’t change that fact. All you can do is change how he’ll appear in the next episode; cut off part of his arm to try and prevent him turning, or just say eff it and carry on. But you can’t change that final fate, Lee and Clementine winding up in the jewellery store, and choosing if Clem mercy kills Lee or leaves him to turn.

Same with the first Life is Strange. You’re always going to end up at the lighthouse on the cliff with Chloe. It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth when I played it, cos the game spends four episodes making you do everything possible to save Chloe, and the developers had themselves picked a “correct” ending and wanted players to save Chloe.

Now going for Resurgence: Either Carter or Nili have to be bioformed, no way out of it. But I’m curious if other outcomes are possible. Is it always fixed which characters become Tkon Scions? I picked Westbrook as my XO, and Urmott became a Scion. If I chose him as XO, would Westbrook have gone down to commucations and get turned? I rightly pissed off Bedrosian and didn’t have her as an XO option. What if I made her XO, which of the two would turn? I’m VERY excited to try and find out!

[spoiler] I am trying to save the Tkon crystals and keep Portal 69 on my side while also keeping the support of Bedrosian, as I want her as my XO …

Sadly I do not think both are achievable, even though I have tried to do everything possible to retain her support. Since I picked her for support during the mutiny, I feel that this choice is causing me to be compelled to give her what she wants in that vault and destroy the crystals rather than save them.

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