Did developers even try this on PC first?

Also worth noting that I am using a wired logitech headset, no bluetooth or wireless at all, and the stuttering is awful.

It makes me wonder if it’s some sort of codec issue with onboard audio. Are all of you having issues, checked to see if your audio device has any driver updates? Not from Windows either. From the actual manufacturer of the card or from the motherboard manufacturer?

DO you have a rough idea when you might have a patch to fix the bug on the
What Lies Beneath Chapter?

But it doesn’t even work on a PS5. Testing on a console should be super easy since all hardware is the same….

“For the record, I’ve played the game in 1080p on both a 43 inch 4k monitor and on my UHD projector at 89 inches, and was satisfied with the experience”

And what about the bugs e.g. audio dialogues etc… ?

43" isn’t even at a size where you can truly appreciate 4k. Projectors will never produce as clear or as bright of an image as the equivelant size of TV.

Hi again. Hope you all had a good weekend (holiday weekend for some of you.)

Those of you patiently waiting on a patch, I know that likely put a bit of a sour on the weekend.

The patch is coming along. Most expected fixes are in and ready for testing.

We’d like to just drop the patch the moment it is complete, but we have to put it through QA, and then console review (for console related fixes/features.)

Audio: we are investigating the cause on PC. It appears to be (BT) hardware related and we’re trying some things to help such hardware reinitialize when the game starts. Our audio engineer is investigating any console related audio issues.

We’re really close. Just dotting undotted letters and crossing uncrossed letters.

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Thank you for the update on the upcoming patch. I’m going to wait on it before proceeding with the game, for my own sanity.

The small progress I’ve managed to make so far has me very optimistic however, so I’m looking forward to continuing my voyage on the Resolute!

Hopefully a pause or skip cinematic option will be available.

Also, this seems more like an interactive episode then an actual game. Didn’t expect overwhelming majority of time being devoted to watching instead of playing.

Thanks a lot for responding and keeping in touch. I know the feedback has been very, let’s say, HONEST. I’ll start the game with my fiancée tonight as we both love Trek. I tried it for a few minutes today and it seems to work very well with the user made “patch” that’s on GitHub. Looking forward to see how you guys implement your own updates as well, and just based off of general response to this game looking forward to y’alls future projects!

I’m curious as to your rig config. I’ve had no issues thusfar, and that’s having played through at least each mission type. But then, I have a higher-end setup, 3600X with a 6950XT, running 32GB at 3600, and m.2 drives running both Windows and game apps separately. Game’s been almost completely stable, except for a couple momentary cinematic stutters.

Morning. I too am waiting for an invert option, and possibly a cutscene skip. Plus better ways to save & exit. :smiley: I just stepped away from the game until I can play it with these options, so I’ll be ready when the devs come with a patch. Thanks!

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