Did developers even try this on PC first?

This game is beyond horrid considering it was delayed a year. So many crashes, no ability to skip through scenes you’ve already been through, resolution settings worthy of 2010, and the list goes on. Extremely disappointing since it seems like it could be a nice game but its clear its 100% geared toward console players


I think it is pretty great despite the issues, really am enjoying the story, even with my frustrations. It will only get better :slight_smile:


That would be nice if the game didn’t cost money. But these issues just show wilfull neglect.


Show me a game in 2023 that launched without issues on day one. It’s just how the industry is nowadays and has been for sometime. I knew buying this and playing it on day one would have issues, and I accept that. I want to show my support to Dramatic Labs and Paramount that there is a demand for gaming experiences like this. Supporting this game here and now may give us even better things from Dramatic Labs in the future.


Please, just stop trying to make excuses. Other games have issues but none this blatantly obvious one’s that show they were deliberate in their neglect of the PC version. This game could easily be great if the developers weren’t so inept


Hey there. We feel your pain.

You’re here, you’re angry, we hear you (and others.) You have every right to voice your dissatisfaction.

We want everyone to love this game.

It’s designed to look more like a movie on a TV than an ultra-wide FOV twitch shooter on a 144/240 Hz gaming monitor. That’s just the vision we had for the game.

We didn’t neglect the PC version. It’s just a much more complicated marketplace to develop for. We’re going to patch in more options when we are sure they will behave well on PC.

Believe me, we’d love to include every accessibility, comfort, and convenience option under the sun, and we’d love it to run buttery smooth with all the rendery goodness that next gen hardware can muster. And we’d delay delay delay until we’ve tested it on every computer from HAL-9000 to a TI-85 if we could. But we’re a small indie team starting from scratch. We know how to do these things-- but we had to first rebuild the foundations of a cinematic story adventure framework, again, from scratch.

We’re just getting started here.

If you are within the refund policy period, you can always exercise that option. We’ll be sad to see you go, but hopefully we’ll win you back.

Or, maybe sit on it until our first patch releases. I promise the experience is worth your while, even if it is a little rough around the edges.

We’re gamers and Star Trek fans, too. We’re on this ship with you!


Thank you for your response @jdstrawesome, even just hearing from you, or devs in general, helps soothe our nerves and helps us realize that we are heard. Most of us PC players don’t understand game development, so I hope you don’t take our criticism too harshly.

I don’t know how far into the game I am but I’m loving it! Very hard to rest from it, even though I have to wake up for work tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to the first patch! Thanks for creating a game with a complex story and deep Trek lore and feel! the Treknobabble is amazing, too.

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Firstly, I do really appreciate you responding to the concerns in this thread. It’s exciting to see a new Star Trek game, and you guys really do seem to have hit the mark on the narrative. That’s a serious accomplishment and honestly I applaud you and the rest of the team. I hope the rest of what I have to say doesn’t discourage you from keeping communication open - I appreciate game development is complicated at the best of times and I’m sure no one set out to intentionally release Resurgence in a poor state.

Respectfully, I just don’t see how you can claim that you didn’t neglect the PC version. Support for arbitrary resolutions and framerates (within reason, of course) has been standard in the PC space for more than two decades. You can start up the 1997 OpenGL version of Quake and play it at high framerates and at 2560x1440. No one could run the game at that resolution in the 90’s, but the render pipeline supported it.

This is not an extended feature set, or an unreasonable request. Being able to play a game released in 2023 at higher than 1080p resolution is just a bare minimum software feature and it’s completely unacceptable that the game doesn’t support it. According to the latest Steam hardware survey, more than 15% of users play at resolutions of 1440p or above.

I have to say I’m really concerned by your response. I get your point that no one is expecting blistering 240 FPS tricorder action (lol), but it’s similarly unfair to suggest that support for higher resolutions, or even 60 fps, was out of reach for the development team. Especially when the game is running Unreal Engine 4, which is a mature piece of kit with nearly a decade of widespread developer experience across the industry.

Abzu, a short narrative game made by less than 20 people, was also made on UE4 and came out 7 years ago. Naturally, it supported 1440p, 4K, and high framerates on launch. Why are such basic features missing now? And that doesn’t even address the many bugs and other technical issues that have been raised in the discussion boards.


Did you read the part about a patchset? I agree that very limited resoultions and the choppy video / audio issues are not ideal. He said they will patch it. Whether they will remains to be seen. If they do, it is fine.

It’s fine. We know how to weather criticism.

Look, the criticism is fair and reasonable. Every development cycle has its own unique challenges. It would be inappropriate for me to this-and-that over the differences between our game and Abzu.

For us, we put more focus into integrating Unreal’s cinematics tools with our narrative engine. And also in recreating some semblance of the features our cinematics artists were used to from Telltale. It’s not like Epic had to forethought to add features Telltale devs would need in case we decided to switch engines (though they were involved and a valuable partner.) We had to do that mostly ourselves. With a large net new cache of ecological Unreal knowledge, we can now focus less on these foundational things and more on shoring up the things that made our audience unhappy.


I appreciate the reply :slight_smile: I’ll probably put the game down and wait for some patches, but playing the first couple of hours I did notice how much effort was put into camera direction. And it’s a considerable improvement over the work done at Telltale, even, so that focus definitely paid off in some respects. Looking forward to returning to the game when it’s had a bit of polishing up.


You guys take your time. Things will catch up eventually. I just hope that in the list of accessibility options we get Inverted Look =). I actually can’t play w/o the inversion as it’s just the way my brain + hand eye coordination have been trained to work since so long ago.
Heck, I’d even be happy with an unreal ini file command to hold me over in the mean time!

Im still excited about the game but when it has controller icons popping up for me while using keyboard and mouse doesn’t seem like devs did much on the PC side. Just wish devs wouldn’t release a game and require customers to have faith that patches will come through and fix issues.

Also, please include a pause option during the animations. Sometimes you just gotta get up from the game.

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Its very positive that you take the time to respond to the community and explain why certain things are the way they are.
I can also understand that you guys are a new team.

What I don’t understand is that you guys aren’t newbies what game developing concerns and hide behind things such as “t’s designed to look more like a movie on a TV than an ultra-wide FOV twitch shooter on a 144/240 Hz gaming monitor. That’s just the vision we had for the game.
Did you really think that gamers would agree to play on resolutions you had in mind?
With an FPS that’s only accepted by console players (I’m not even sure they agree)?

Granted that you didn’t have the major budget to test it on a lot of pc systems but like I said you guys aren’t newbies in this market.
You should have seen this coming.
If the game wasn’t ready then you should have postponed it again, even for another year if necessary.

Also, know your engine before you start developing games on it.
Sorry but that’s the basics of it all.

Now after this rant I want to say that I believe that you guys will support this game further and not only because you are a new dev team that wants to succeed and don’t want to lose your fan base from the get go.

I have no idea if you guys ever will respond to the ticket I’ve sent you days ago but it doesn’t matter.
Still really looking forward to the game when its eventually really finished and has all it needs to be played with the necessary resolutions, a decent FPS for pc, stable and whatever else that needs to be fixed for pc and console.

Looking forward to the finished game but on Steam in a year or 2.

With all due respect and being very thankful for the creation of this game.
Looking forward to a respons be it either in this thread or by PM.


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Many thanks for your response, I really want to buy this but I simply cannot play without inverting the Y axis.

Being able to play at my native res of 4K/144 would be a plus.

You give me a way to invert Y and I buy instantly! :slight_smile:


I can understand your vision about resolutions, fps… being a movie… I love the game ! BUT voices are only in English. And Spanish subs are missing very often which makes history difficult to follow for non-English speakers. Is like you translate into Spanish subs only half of dialogues ! This is NOT a PC issue. Is lack of interest or just lazyness. Subs are missing !!

Hi. I’ve read all your responses.

As I’ve already said, every dev cycle poses unique challenges. And some features we take for granted got pushed back in priority. Each systemic fix, feature, and optimization requires us to retest through over a couple dozen hours of content (we have to check the branching content.) Which we do and are doing with the latest pending details.

If resolution and frame rate are your top priorities, we appreciate that, and are working to get you those features as soon as we see it working consistently throughout the game, along with more input settings and content fixes.

For the record, I’ve played the game in 1080p on both a 43 inch 4k monitor and on my UHD projector at 89 inches, and was satisfied with the experience. So, I stand behind the idea that the experience is a thrill even capped at 1080p30. None the less, we are feeling good about some missing essential features and fixes coming very soon.



0 Crashes during the whole game on a 5+ years old PC (GTX 1080, i7-7700, game running from HDD)

Thats nice but I’m not downgrading my system.

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Honestly right there with the OP on this. Really disappointed to see the game released in such a state, and even more disappointed at how long it is taking them to “fix” it.

I’ve had the game now for about 4 or 5 days and cant get through 5 mins without the audible stuttering making it too hard to understand them (hard of hearing) and so I am genuinely considering just getting a refund through epic.

Publishers need to stop pulling release dates forward for games that are clearly not finished/optimised. It isn’t fair to the devs, it isn’t fair to the IP and it damn sure isn’t fair to the paying customers.

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