Dialogue bug on PS5 (PS4 version)

In various scenes a character’s opening line of dialogue will repeat, then dialogue proceeds until their last line, which will be skipped before the next character responds. Consequently I’m missing a lot of of what people are responding to.

Would post this in a bug report section, but there doesn’t appear to be one ready for release day.


See this post on how to report a bug.

I have been playing for 20 minutes or so now, but this happens a lot. I have subtitles turned on, but they disappear when this issue occurs.
The first line is repeated and the last line(s) are skipped.
It is no fun playing the game like this, so I’ll wait for a fix before continuing.
Also, sometimes the trigger points don’t activate. When out on the hull with Diaz, after shooting the storms with my phaser, I got to an access panel but the trigger point to open it didn’t appear. I had to reload the game, shoot the storms again and the second time the trigger point did appear.
But with all the dialogue missing, I’m missing a lot of the story so I will wait for a fix :frowning:

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Quick question: do you have the game installed on the internal ps5 ssd or a USB-drive?
I have it on a very fast but external USB-SSD. All other ps4 games run fine and very fast from it though.

Mine’s installed on the internal SSD. If we’re both having the issue, installation location doesn’t seem to be a cause.

Personally I’ve turned subtitles on to make sure I’m not missing anything. They work better than the audio does.

Okay, thanks, then indeed install location doesn’t matter.
The subtitles disappear a lot as well, so I’m still missing too much of the dialogue, imho.
It’s just no fun for me personally, so I do hope a fix can be released soon.
Strange though this bug wasn’t found during testing - all PS5’s are the same. So that makes me wonder if it has something to do with some setting somewhere. I mean, if every PS5 had this, it must have been discovered during the test phase.
I have my PS5 connected to my 4K TV at 4K resolution. I’m not using bluetooth headphones, audio over the hdmi-cable directly to the TV.
I have ejected all blu-ray discs as well…
Really strange issue….

I assume I’m in the final act of the game, and have about seven hours poured into it. Play about two and half hours each night, and the skipped audio thing only happened once tonight. So I would assume it decreases as the game goes on.

I’m having the same situation. Really enjoying the early parts of the game, but this takes me out of story too much so like @vrowdy I’ll be waiting for some kind of update before I boot up again.

I wonder how such kind of lame stuff can happen, didn’t they tried the game before release?
So lucky that I haven’t invested yet, and what I read I am not sure if I want to support such kind of mess.

The developer should at least chime in and apologise for such crap and ensure that there will be an update very soon.

I have the same issue on the PS4.