Better fps and resolution (PC)

Here is a fix for people who wants to disable 30 fps cap and use a different resolution. I tested this my self and the games runs much smoother on my end.

  • Custom resolution/aspect ratio support.
  • Removes pillarboxing/letterboxing in gameplay and cutscenes.
  • Correct FOV scaling no matter what resolution you use.
  • Disable FPS cap in both gameplay/cutscenes + enable interpolation in cutscenes for smoother animations.
  • Toggles for motion blur and depth of field.
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The fix does not work if you use a resolution that goes to >=4096 on an axis then the game’s framerate absolutely tanks. Ich have a Samsung G9 with 5120x1440 and with this fix the game is extremely jerky:

see here

Yes developers please add support for 2K and 4K monitors.