Awesome game with some bugs to iron out

My experience is best summed up with;

BioWare: “We write great stories”
Dramatic Labs: “Hold my Raktajino …”

I’ve been playing Star Trek games since the mid 1990’s (I’m 38) I’ve played just about all of them and I still own pretty much all of them. Resurgence is giving me deep STTNG: A Final Unity vibes, a classic dos game that I very much enjoyed.

I really enjoyed my first play through, i did find jumping between two characters a little discombobulating at first, that said I really liked Diaz, he was funny and likeable, Rydek I could take or leave tbh.

I do have some comments regarding some minor tweaks, one concerning issue and a giant cliff hangar.

1, The esc key causes issues of returning to main menu. That needs sorting.

2, your website does not like Kasperky or rather I get security warnings and a safety block from Kaspersky when I try logging into this website on my Opera GX browser. I’d suggest you look into that, hence I’m posting on my phone.

3, had some controller issues, tried using my controller but there were frequent times when RT was needed to be used but did not register, yet left mouse click did. I got fed up and turned my controller off and just stuck to M&K.

4, concerning issue is your publisher’s lack of marketing, it was a fluke I came across this. I just happened to log into epic for something when I saw the advert. That’s concerning given my enjoyment of the IP and being completely unaware it was in development. Your PR/Marketing team need a short sharp kick in the fundament and to get their act together.


What happened to the biotransformed peeps!!! Will they be saved? Will there be new episodes?

Thanks for the story!

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